The Book Group for the Less Seriously Inclined

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The Book Group for the Less Serious Minded
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This is a community for those that love to read, but don't necessarily have time for a book club and/or writing really long essays about the imagery and nuances of an author's writing. Those are allowed, of course, but not required.

It's a place to share books that you've recently read, where you can recommend the book, chat about it, or even rant about how bad it turned out to be. Thoughts can be as shallow as, "The lead character was so hot" going to as profound as you wish to share.

We can also be found at Good Reads - http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/6816.Shallow_Book_Group

The community is moderated to keep out spammers and the like, but pretty much anyone who wants to participate or lurk will be allowed to.