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A couple of book recs

Over the past couple of weeks I've just devour several good books I have to recommend.

The Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

A different take on vampires with a rich universe heavy on Greek gods and myths. Also , the men are incredibly hot and in the vain of Tall, Dark and Handsome. Not all the books are good and I do have some issues with the heroines being less developed than the men but overall I love the series. Full of angsty men, a rich universe and characters that only grow with each book and just sheer fun to read.

Linnea Sinclair

She's a science fiction author with her books more focused on the characters and a good romance story as well. Actually, the books are more of a romance novel than pure science fiction. She has four books out right now and I've read Finders Keepers and Gabriel's Ghost. I really enjoyed both books and easily lost myself in the story lines.