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latest read: The Wild Trees

I finished The Wild Trees by Richard Preston last Friday. I definitely recommend it if you enjoy nonfiction reading. It's narrative and focuses a lot more on the people who look for these giant redwoods and their experiences in and out of them than science. There is some science, but nothing that was too much (and I say this as someone who was never good with biology). My only complaint is that by page 250 I was starting to say to myself, "I get it. each tree is unique and amazing."

Definitely recommend.


I am very excited for the end of July/August into the fall. Harry Potter, Eclipse, the next Jessica Darling book, and another in the Libba Bray and Scott Westerfeld series are coming out.

Any books you guys are excited for?

What are y'all reading? (::pokes you all to make posts::)


Finally, I signed up for goodread.com - http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/168572