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Hey guys!

So I've decided to do the best of both worlds.

On Good Reads -

And y'all know the address over here. Crossposting is more than okay, or you can just pick one to post to.

I also changed the layout and added links to some of my favorite book-related blogs.

Finally, I was thinking of collecting a post with author blogs/livejournal links if that's something you guys would want. If so, please comment with any that you know of. I have a few friended myself that I like to follow, but I hardly have the market on it.

If there are any other ways you think to get the community going again and things you'd like to see, please let me know.
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current read & what I hope to read soon

So what is everyone reading? Any great books to recommend? Any books you're waiting in excitement for? Post about it.

From the people I heard back, they would prefer to keep the community here on livejournal, so that's what we'll do.

Currently, I'm having a hard time finishing What Happened by Scott McClellan because it makes me angry at points. It's my own fault. I already have issues with the administration and then reading this book (and getting handed a civics lesson from HIM) just make me angry.

Next book on my list to read is The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I know she's not the best writer out there, but I always enjoy her books.

And that brings me to excited for. the final part of the Twilight series comes out on August 2nd so that's what i'll be reading next weekend. And then in September the third part of the Inheritance Trilogy comes out!

using this community

Hey guys! I'm checking in to see if we're all too busy reading to post. Also to gage interest in maybe moving this community over to I love goodreads because it allows me not only track what I've read and reviewed, but to find good books via other people.

And it does have community options.

Would that be something you guys are interested in? Or should we try to revive this place?
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recent reads...

Aside from Harry Potter book seven, I've recently been mixing up my reading with light/hard stuff.

I read Infidel by Aayan Ali and I highly recommend this book. It's the memoir of a woman who grew up a muslim in Somalia/Saudi Arabia/Kenya and how she was able to step away from it and see how Islam hurts women with a lot of its laws. It's a great read. Upsetting at parts, but mostly I'm in awe of what this woman overcame.

I followed it up with Full Frontal Feminism and this was great. I think every woman, especially the younger ones, should read this book. It's about making younger women realize that chances are they actually *are* feminists and that's not a bad thing. It's a nice, easy overview of all the issues plaguing women's rights.

Now I'm currently reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodie Piccoult (sp?). I've only read one other book of hers (that I love and adore and re-read occasionally), The Pact, but I do enjoy her style of writing. Anyone have any other of her books you think I'd enjoy?

I'd love to discuss any of these reads with anyone who has read them.

Oh, and I have discovered this awesome site,, where you can keep a library of all the books you read, ones you want to read, ones you rec to people...I can be found here. If you're on goodreads, feel free to friend me.
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Fun series I just read...

I just read Secret Society Girl and Under the Rose both part of the Ivy League series by Diana Peterfreund. I think they are both fun summery reads about a girl who is part of a secret society at "Eli University". She is part of the first class of girls to be admitted into the society and all the problems that are encountered because of that. And there's romance! Mystery! Secrets! It's everything I love in a summer book.

I was just curious if anyone else has read the series and what they thought. Also, I wanted to recommend it. :)
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A couple of book recs

Over the past couple of weeks I've just devour several good books I have to recommend.

The Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

A different take on vampires with a rich universe heavy on Greek gods and myths. Also , the men are incredibly hot and in the vain of Tall, Dark and Handsome. Not all the books are good and I do have some issues with the heroines being less developed than the men but overall I love the series. Full of angsty men, a rich universe and characters that only grow with each book and just sheer fun to read.

Linnea Sinclair

She's a science fiction author with her books more focused on the characters and a good romance story as well. Actually, the books are more of a romance novel than pure science fiction. She has four books out right now and I've read Finders Keepers and Gabriel's Ghost. I really enjoyed both books and easily lost myself in the story lines.
Winter Soldier

Nora Roberts

I'm extremely picky when it comes to romance novels. Extremely. If you don't have well-developed characters and a darn good plot to go with those sex scenes, then I certainly won't be reading your book. With that in mind, I felt I needed to make a post about my favorite romance writer, Nora Roberts. She's the only non-fantasy author who can hold my attention and make me want to read more.

Since Nora has written 175 books (and I haven't read them all yet), I decided to narrow my list down to my top ten. Many of these books are parts of trilogies and series, but I'm not listing them in order.

1) Entranced (The Donovan Legacy) - Give me a sexy psychic and I'm putty in your hands. Sebastian Donovan is sexy, engaging, and certainly not perfect. Just the way I like them. He and his intended Mel spar and sizzle as they hunt for a kidnapped baby. Very fun read.

2) Tears of the Moon (The Irish Trilogy) - This was the first Nora Roberts book I ever read, and I picked it up because Shawn Gallagher was a musician. I was hooked, though, when I met the novel's heroine, Brenna O'Toole, a fiesty redhead with an even worse temper. Brenna has quite a time getting Shawn's head out of the clouds and his focus on her.

3) Sea Swept (The Chesapeake Bay Saga) - This whole series is awesome. Great, great characters. Cameron has to give up his life of freedom to come home and raise his youngest adopted brother when his father dies. But social worker Anna could be another reason to stay as well.

4) Rising Tides (The Chesapeake Bay Saga) - I adore Ethan. He's quiet and reserved, and adorable. Ethan's memories of his childhood abuse causes him to keep childhood friend Grace at a distance.

5) Inner Harbor (The Chesapeake Bay Saga) - Phillip and Sybill are probably the most fun because they are so prim and proper in the beginning. It's fun to watch their relationship grow.

6) Chesapeake Blue (The Chesapeake Bay Saga) - Seth finally got his story, and it was so fun to see all the characters I love in the first three books again.

7) Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Trilogy) - Believe it or not, this book spoke to me in volumes during the time in my life when I read it. I think I overidentified with Nell, even though I hadn't been in an abused relationship. Watching her grow in this story was fantastic.

8) Naked in Death - Technically, yes, she wrote this one under J.D. Robb, but Eve and Roarke are too much fun not to mention. Plus, the mystery held my attention the whole way through. Kept me guessing until the end.

9) The Three Fates - Three love stories rolled up into one large mystery...and every second was awesome to read. You cared about all of the characters and what would happen to them. Fantastic.

10) The Key Trilogy (Key of Light, Key of Knowledge, and Key of Valor) - Okay, so I cheated on this last one because I wanted to include the whole series. This one kept me enthralled the whole way through. Three women are chosen to find three keys to free the souls of three goddesses. Good, good stuff.

Seriously, if you need a good romance with interesting characters and a darn good plot for light beach reading, you can't go wrong with Nora Roberts. You just can't.
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latest read: The Wild Trees

I finished The Wild Trees by Richard Preston last Friday. I definitely recommend it if you enjoy nonfiction reading. It's narrative and focuses a lot more on the people who look for these giant redwoods and their experiences in and out of them than science. There is some science, but nothing that was too much (and I say this as someone who was never good with biology). My only complaint is that by page 250 I was starting to say to myself, "I get it. each tree is unique and amazing."

Definitely recommend.


I am very excited for the end of July/August into the fall. Harry Potter, Eclipse, the next Jessica Darling book, and another in the Libba Bray and Scott Westerfeld series are coming out.

Any books you guys are excited for?

What are y'all reading? (::pokes you all to make posts::)


Finally, I signed up for -
Winter Soldier

Vampires, Vampires, Vampires...

Since my treatment knocks me down for the count some days, I've been plowing through some books. Sometimes it's all I have the energy for. Anyway, thanks to my good buddy seimaisin, I have found some interesting vampire stories.

Let me preface this by saying I'm very picky about my vampire fiction. Every other book in the fantasy and romance sections has a freakin' vampire so if I can find something with a new twist on the myth, then I'm so there.

The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason - If Jane Austen had written Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this is how it would have turned out. Victoria Gardella Grantworth is on the verge of her debut in Regency London when she is called to her family legacy of hunting vampires. She accepts without hesitation and her world is changed forever.

Victoria is a very, very good heroine. She isn't perfect, but she's not a simpering damsel in distress, either. (And she doesn't whine about her duty like Buffy always did.) Gleason has created a fun world with more than one slayer and several interesting men for Victoria to choose from.

It's the first in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles and can be found in the romance section.

The Morganville Vampires (Glass Houses and The Dead Girls' Dance) by Rachel Caine - Claire entered college two years ahead of everyone else and has dreams of going on to MIT, but college at Texas Prairie University isn't turning out like she thought it would. A group of girls want her dead, and the town is run by vampires.

Even though it's geared towards young adults, this series has completely held my attention. Claire and her roommates Eve, Shane, and Michael are fantastic characters with wonderful strengths and believeable flaws. They're doing what they can to stay alive in Morganville. The stories keep me turning page after page, and I only get upset when I reach the end and it's a cliffhanger.

Both can be found in the young adult section, and the third one Midnight Alley will be out in October.

Next up on my to-read list: finishing Rises the Night (the second Gardella Vampire Chronicles book) and read Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson. I'll keep you posted.
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